Thursday, July 27, 2017

Update On Bentley

I have been receiving phone calls and emails from dear friends who have 
been concerned about little Bentley and the outcome of his appointment
at Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital.  I want to thank everyone for all the
kind thoughts and prayers for this little guy.  I can never begin to 
adequately express how much your outpouring of love for Bentley
has meant to me.

It was a long drive from Victoria up to College Station, three hours
to be exact.  We tried to be very calm and cool about it because we
did not want to stress Bentley out.  This was the first time I visited
the Veterinary School of the University and I was so impressed by
the number of buildings in the complex devoted to the science of
animal medicine.  Our appointment was at the small animal hospital.

From the moment I entered, I was encouraged by the staff and their
kindness and obvious love and compassion for all the dogs who
entered the waiting area.  This was very reassuring to me.

Bentley's appointment was with an Ophthalmologist.  There were
also residents in attendance during Bentley's exam.  Although 
Bentley could not have been a worse patient, much to my chagrin,
they were so patient and kind to him.  Bentley squirmed and fussed,
and though it hurt me to see him so stressed, it was in his best interest
that I allow the exam to continue.  

The results are as follows.  Bentley is blind in his right eye and there
is nothing they can do to restore his sight.  Despite the fact that he was
properly treated and seemingly recovered from the possum fight,
his eyelid was apparently damaged and has been preventing him 
from blinking properly and closing completely.  His right eye has
actually atrophied in response.

He has a cataract in his left eye.  The doctor explained to me that
cataracts are quite common in Yorkies.  At this point, we will 
follow a course of eye drops in this eye and see how it responds.
We will be returning in a few weeks to check the progress and his
doctor will decide at that time if he is a good candidate for cataract
surgery.  So, prayers are still requested.  

Of course I am hoping and praying that the sight in his left eye
can be improved and I will do everything I can to facilitate an
improvement.  I also have come to terms with the possibility
that he could soon be completely blind.  It's been a tough couple
of days for me.  Should that be the ultimate outcome, we will
deal with it as it comes.  Many have contacted me and told me
of their blind dogs and their dog's capacity to adjust to this 
handicap.  Bentley's doctor also assured me that this is so, and
that Bentley could still have a happy life.  Whatever happens,
I will love him just as much if not more than ever, and so will
David.  He is a very important member of our little family.
Thank you once again for your outpouring of love.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Strong When I Am Really Scared

I have a confession to make, I often don't handle stress very well.
I try very hard to maintain a cool exterior, but inside all the
emotion and fear bubbles up.  I feel like I am a percolator on
the stove top heating and bubbling up and if I don't lower 
the heat, the top will pop off soon.

Everyone in this life suffers loss and heartache.  For some,
like me, those losses stack up and that's when I feel vulnerable and
shaky.  My Grandmother used to say,  what doesn't kill
you, makes you stronger.  I am hoping that I will be strong.

Just before sitting down to prepare for today's blog post,
I had to confirm Bentley's appointment at Texas A&M Veterinary
hospital.   Suddenly I started to fall apart.  I have been worried
about Bentley's vision.  I have been trying so hard to stay cool
about it.  I have been praying for him and I have asked you to also
pray, and I am so thankful for those prayers.  

Moments ago, my worries got the best of me.  The tears 
flowed quickly down my cheeks.  The sobbing shook my 
spine and I felt so weak and vulnerable.  This good cry helped
to take off some of the pressure and to dissolve the excess fear.
Now I just want to get through tomorrow and pray for Bentley's
future with us.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Cozy Sunday Afternoon At Home

Shh ~ everyone is asleep except for me.  David watched the British Open
all morning through lunch.  He is now napping in his big comfy leather
chair.  Bentley is curled up napping in one of his favorite chairs too.  I
have never been a very good napper, so I am in our bedroom lounging
in bed with a cup of tea.

It's Constant Comment.  I don't drink it all the time, only for special
moments alone like this one.  

I'm all comfy with a stack of pillows and the remotes at hand.

This is one of my favorite old movies  Dear Ruth.  It's a very light
hearted comedy that was originally a hit play.  The interior scenes are
wonderful too,  lots of floral wallpaper and frilly curtains.  It's a very
1940's vine covered, white picket fence kind of house.  Just my style!

I hope you are having a lazy Sunday afternoon too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Friday, July 21, 2017

Please Pray for Our Little Bentley

My sweet and beloved little Bentley is having vision problems.  At the moment
he is blind.  He has developed a cataract in his left eye.  He is not seeing very 
well from his right eye also.

We are taking him up to Texas A&M University this coming Tuesday
morning for the doggie opthamologist to examine him and see if he is a 
candidate for cataract surgery.  They will also assess his right eye at the 
same time.  Bentley is now 11 1/2 years old.

I love this sweet baby so much. If you would be so kind to please 
remember him in your prayers, I will be so grateful.

Thank you from both of us.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Some New Pillows

A while back, I lightened up my bedroom with some more pink and
green for spring and summer.  I have always loved pink and green in
a bedroom.  Actually, I love pink and green for clothing too.  The first
pillow shams I found were the pink and green check.

Then I found these two Ralph Lauren Yorkshire Rose pillow shams.  
It's a retired pattern, but on eBay and Etsy, it's not too hard to find.  The 
pink and green check shams are custom and have a double ruffle in a
complementary pattern.  I like them with the pink and white toile
plates and the vintage framed botanical print above the bed.

Then I found this ....  a sweet rectangular pillow in the same Yorkshire
Rose pattern.  The pillow is corded in the same fabric and has two
covered buttons.  It's a vintage style pillow which just suits this room.

At the end of the bed is a patchwork quilt.  It's not vintage, but it is 
made with fabric that is made to look as if it is.

This is the first time I have ever had a bedroom with light sage walls and
I love it.  Sage is such a restful color and it's a neutral because just about
any color will compliment it.

Stay cool everyone.  It's very hot and humid here and oh so tempting to
take an afternoon nap.  That's just what Bentley is doing right now.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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